Recreational Dance & Musical Theatre Programs

Low-Pressure Classes, High Confidence 6 Years +

Our recreational classes at JRDS are designed to be enjoyable, pressure-free, and foster creativity, making them the perfect avenue for cultivating a genuine love for dance and building lasting friendships. These classes provide a welcoming space where individuals can explore movement at their own pace while embracing the joy of dance. Additionally, participants have the exciting opportunity to showcase their newfound skills in our annual end-of-year concert, creating memorable moments and celebrating the sense of accomplishment within our vibrant dance community.

Low-Pressure Classes, High Confidence Building: Discover the Joy of Dance with our Recreational Classes

Payment Options

We offer a full range of payment options including Active Kids Vouchers, Credit Card and EFT.

Explore movement and celebrate the joy of Dance

Our recreational classes build confidence and a love of dance, at your child’s own level and pace.

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