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Miss Jaela & Mr Jay

Jaela & Jay

Assistant teachers

Meet the dynamic duo, Miss Jaela and Mr. Jay, who play integral roles as warm and nurturing assistant teachers in our vibrant dance community. Their contagious enthusiasm and positive energy create an atmosphere where young dancers thrive.

Miss Jaela: Dedication to Dance Excellence

Miss Jaela is a beacon of dedication to the art of dance. Her passion extends across various styles, showcasing her versatility and commitment. A standout achievement for Miss Jaela includes excellent results in her Glen Wood Tap examinations, a testament to her diligence and skill in mastering the intricacies of dance. Under the expert direction of Miss Sally, Miss Jaela continues to flourish, honing her craft and passing on her love for dance to the next generation.

In the classroom, Miss Jaela’s nurturing spirit and warm demeanor foster a strong connection with our junior students. Her ability to create a positive and engaging learning environment sets the stage for students to not only develop their dance skills but also to discover the joy and fulfillment that dance brings.

Miss Jaela will be assisting with teaching Junior Tap & JFH Classes

Mr. Jay: Inspiring Young Minds Through Hip Hop

Mr. Jay brings a unique and energetic flair to our dance community, specializing in inspiring young boys through the dynamic world of hip hop. His openness to all forms of movement and kind, personable nature make him a favorite among our junior dancers.

Mr Jay will be assisting with teaching Junior Hip Hop Classes on a Saturday.

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