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Sally Atkins

Sally Atkins

Tap Teacher

Sally’s journey in the world of dance commenced at Julie Ross Dance Studio when she was just 3 years old. As a dedicated student, she delved into the world of competitive dance, participating in numerous local and interstate eisteddfods. Along this path, Sally clinched multiple tap championships. Her commitment and skill were evident as she successfully completed her Advanced BAL Jazz and Tap examinations, as well as her Minor and Major BAL Tap Solos.

At the age of 14, Sally transitioned from student to teacher under the mentorship of Julie Ross. Under her guidance, Sally played a pivotal role in introducing and implementing the Glenn Wood Syllabus for tap. Notably, she steered JRDS’s inaugural journey to America for performances at Disneyland and Universal Studios in 2008. This marked the beginning of a tradition that continued in 2012, 2016, and 2019, offering students unique performance opportunities. Sally’s remarkable experiences during these trips fueled her successful application for a year-long internship at Walt Disney World, where she worked in Entertainment throughout 2013.

While Sally has imparted her knowledge in various dance styles such as jazz, lyrical, ballet, and musical theatre, her true passion lies in tap. Focusing on this discipline, she sought additional training in Los Angeles, participating in classes with renowned figures like Jason Samuel Smith, Chloe Arnold, and Michelle Dorrance. Sally’s dedication extended across Australia, where she extensively trained under and received mentorship from the nation’s top dance educators. Her unwavering commitment to continuous learning positions Sally as a provider of cutting-edge training for her students. This commitment reflects in the consistent success of her students, who excel in solos and championships at eisteddfods and competitions, including prestigious events like the Sydney Tap Festival and Sydney Eisteddfod.

Sally’s choreography and mentorship have not only produced remarkable achievements but have also nurtured and fostered talent, earning her recognition as an industry leader in the realm of tap. Her ability to inspire and guide sets her apart, making a lasting impact on the dance community.

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