Pre Professional

Pre Professional Programs

For Elite Dancers pursuing a career in performing arts 15+

Our Pre-Professional Dance Program is a unique opportunity for advanced students eager to elevate their dance skills and prepare for the dynamic world of dance. This exclusive class is carefully curated for individuals who not only possess exceptional talent but also demonstrate a high level of maturity.

In this program, participants will work on small group projects tailored for both stage and film. The emphasis is on providing students with industry experiences, with students benefiting from exposure to various instructors, enriching their artistic perspectives.

Beyond the dance floor, our Pre-Professional Dance Program delves into essential aspects such as dance history, audition techniques, and career planning. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only excel in their technical abilities but also gain a deep understanding of the dance industry.

Being part of this program opens doors to potential collaborations and exposure, as selected performances may be showcased at events, providing a platform for students to shine. We invite dedicated dancers to apple to join us on this pathway, where artistic growth and professional development seamlessly intertwine.

A selective stream for dedicated performers

Payment Options

Due to the cost of additional tutors, this class incurs an additional fee of $100 per term. We offer a full range of payment options including Active Kids Vouchers, Credit Card and EFT.

Plan for your Future!

Secure a competitive advantage in the dance industry by enrolling in our Pre-Professional Program, designed to sharpen your skills and enhance your artistry for a future career in dance.

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